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The Booty Blog #7 Squirting from Anal

By: Lilith

Hey Booty Lovers! It has been awhile and I’ve been doing some important work with my ass to bring you more information about anal and the wonderful world of butt-loving! I’ve started from very little exploring to out right squirting from using a large vibrating anal plug from our friends over at FunToy! My cute little puckered hole has seen more action these last two years then ever before. Sometimes, I get asked how I manage to integrate talking about booty fun in nearly every conversation and well… I’ve not come up with a good enough answer yet other then it is simply fun! But let’s get back to the real topic at hand… squirting from buttplay!

The debate is longstanding about whether squirting (here meaning female ejaculation) is achievable for all people with girl parts or only a select few and I thought I was one of those people that just couldn’t. Let alone, the medical community is still not entirely convinced what squirting is but for those who have experienced it, you know that it is not entirely pee and can be a very rejuvenating experience. Check out an expert in squirting, Muse Fontaine and her Squirt Project for all of the potential benefits physically, sexually and spiritually.

As someone who works in a sex store I’ve encountered lots of people who have achieved squirting, who are still trying and who experience it on a constant basis but all of these people and experts have the same general idea of how it works in common. Stimulating the g-spot in just the right way (individual to the person) and with the perfect storm of hydration, and stimulation (mental and otherwise) female-bodied people can squirt by themselves or from another person. Many people argue that to stimulate the g-spot you need to do the come-hither motion using fingers or a toy, others believe that it is more like jack-hammering a hook like shape which sounds terrifying but vaginas are way tougher then they look. For me it took a traditional butt plug shape at the right angle while laying down with vibration on my clit and before I knew it, it was explosive. Having the plug rub in just the right spot through the wall separating the vaginal and anal canal did the trick.

Another misconception I learned was that you only squirt during an orgasm, this was untrue for me. Rather, I squirted and it catapulted me towards a powerful climax but the squirting did not come as a result of climax for me.

Ultimately, I’ve seen people put a lot of pressure on themselves to squirt, feeling like they are defective if they have not yet experienced it. To that I argue that the human body is an incredibly complex system and add our equally, if not more so, complex brains… it really does take a perfect storm to make it happen. Putting so much pressure on ourselves, our bodies and our partners is not healthy and makes it so much more difficult to let happen. It happened for me quite unexpectedly! I would have put down a towel if I had!

Likewise, there are so many people who feel guilty, less desirable or gross because they do squirt. This is a natural function of some people’s bodies and therefore should not be demonized by archaic ideas which position the body as inherently dirty. It does take combating the reactionary shame one may feel about their body and their function with the logical, thinking part of your brain that knows that your body does stuff for a reason… not because you are defective. This can be quite a process of coming to a place where you love your body and the natural things that it does but ultimately it can be very liberating and exciting.

Try out using your fingers or a partners in different ways and even experiment with some toys. I know that using a toy bigger then I have before, helped to get me squirting but you can also try less big ones, whether they are vibrating or not.

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Alexandria Nuttal is an active sex educator, activist and writer in Ottawa, ON. With a Master's degree in Women and Gender Studies, her writing and workshops are educational, approachable and a ton of fun. She also currently works in a local adult store and actively advocates for sex-positivity. With a love for BDSM, reading and Ottawa's GLBTQ culture, you'll be sure to laugh and learn something from Alexandria and have fun doing it.

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