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This blog category is all about giving you the honest scoop on the best sexy products. Ranging from lube, toys, books and more, these reviews will help you make the best buying decision for what you’re looking for.

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Review- Touch by WeVibe

By: Lilith Power, precision and a pretty toy are exactly what you are in for when trying out WeVibe’s Touch. This little purple vibrator is top of the line quality because of its classy size and shape, quietness and wiggly bit’s approved power. WeVibe is… Read More

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Ina Wave by Lelo- Reviewed

By: Lilith As technology for our phones, TVs and so on get more advanced; obviously our sextoys would as well. I joke with my coworkers that the smartest people in the world work in sextoy development, exactly because of this toy. Revolutionary in its movements,… Read More

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Bamboo by Rocks-Off Review

By: Lilith Originally I bought this small vibrator or what I would classify as a bullet because I wanted to test other sex toys on their ability to carry vibrations through them without actually vibrating itself. So I was beyond pleasantly surprised when I experimented… Read More

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We-Vibe: the Rave Reviewed

By: Lilith As toys are getting more intelligent and elegant in design no longer does a conventionally shaped sex-toy seem unique, titillating or a good investment. While the unpredictable follows with the unknown exploration of the newest toys in the industry, the pleasure can be… Read More